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Updated: April 07, 2014


Quality Copperwork's copper creations are custom handmade giving each copper product its own unique characteristics. Quality Copperwork's products are proudly 100% American Made. Owner Mark Murphey is a master coppersmith and has been working in the copper industry for 30 years. Quality Copperworks is Indianapolis based and a family owned company.

Many companies over inflate their prices to offer deep discounted sales. We have all seen it, 50,60, even 70% off of a product that was increased by 150% to give that look of a great deal to the customer. Here at Quality Copperworks we offer custom copper products at a rock bottom prices. There are no increased charges just to discount the prices down.

Quality Copperworks believes in working with customers on a personal basis to meet their specifications and expectations, most importantly customer satisfaction. Quality Copperworks believes that our craftsmanship and fair prices will be a deciding factor in choosing us to create your personalized copper project.

Quality Copperworks designs and creates copper countertops, copper bathtubs, copper sinks, copper range hoods, custom copper range hoods, copper island range hoods, hammered copper range hoods, stainless steel range hoods, decorative wood range hoods, unfinished wood range hoods, copper roof vents, copper roof finials, copper yard art, copper garden art, copper chimney tops and caps, kitchen range blower fans, copper cupolas and other specialty copper products such as copper awnings and chess board sets.

Quality Copperw
orks offers great kitchen remodeling ideas such as replacing your kitchen copper range hood with a beautiful new copper range hood or unfinished wood range hood. Remodel your kitchen sink with a beautiful new copper kitchen sink. Maybe a beautifully hand-crafted copper countertop to go with the copper sink. Pure copper is naturally antimicrobial which makes copper products perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


Authorized Good Directions Dealer
Authorized Good Directions Dealer

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Kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling can be a great way to give your kitchen or bathroom new life and vibrancy. When you look at the right kitchen remodeling elements, it can also be a great way to increase the value of your home. Our truly one of a kind designed kitchen copper range hoods, copper sinks, and copper countertops will stand the test of time. The copper range hoods we create are not currently available anywhere else but here.

Browse through our website to find a wide variety of custom copper range hoods, copper countertops, waxed copper countertops copper kitchen sinks, copper island range hoods, copper roof finials, copper roof vents, copper chimney tops, copper chess board sets, copper garden art and other american copper works. When it comes to Quality Copperworks, be it creating a modern setting in your kitchen with a stylish copper range hood, chimney caps or rare looking curved copper countertops, we spend a lot of time with our clients to understand their copper project requirements and use our expertise to shape their ideas into reality.

Quality Copperworks has the ability to create your personal idea. We will work with you hand-in-hand to create your desired outcome. We are a custom shop willing to work with you to create a quality item you will be proud of. If you do not see exactly what you want or have in mind, please call us to discuss your thoughts.

For more information on custom copper range hoods, wood range hoods, copper chimney caps, copper countertops, copper kitchen sinks, copper garden fountains, copper garden art, and copper island range hoods.

Please call us at 317-858-8881.


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